Klutch wants to inspire people to be their best by presenting inspiring stories of overcoming situations, people who are doing good in the world, and how influential people represented to inspire others. Expressing being vulnerable and raw to demonstrate the realities of what people deal with, especially women. I wanted Klutch to have a sense of inspiration that was contagious. Something you can look at and take something good from it.


Empowering women is one of the most important message Klutch has. Klutch is about empowering women and letting them know they are capable of the things they dream, wish or pray for. Presenting people who are dedicated to empowering other people was a must in my first issue. Empowerment of young women is of major importance to me.


Klutch wants to inform on things that aren't necessarily expected out of magazines. Digging deep into the subjects of sexual assault, dressing plus-size women, sending positive body vibes to the viewer, and adding affirmative messages. Informing young people online is the only way to get to them completely and I saw it as an opportunity to give out information on issues that are relevant to this generations young women.


With my love for fashion, style and culture I wanted to bring together a diverse look into the style and beauty worlds. I wanted to feature unique people and of different ethnicities. I have always loved magazines style sections and wanted to copy them but could never afford it. I decided it was time to showcase ways to look good without spending your whole pay check.

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